Agents of Nonprofit

Navigating Nonprofit Life Cycles with Jen Drago

February 05, 2024 Alexander Lapa Season 1 Episode 99
Agents of Nonprofit
Navigating Nonprofit Life Cycles with Jen Drago
Agents of Nonprofit
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Show Notes

Join us in this episode of Agents of Nonprofit as we sit down with Jennifer Drago, a seasoned expert in the nonprofit sector. Uncover the superhero origin story of Jennifer's journey from pre-med to leading in the nonprofit world. 

Explore the intriguing concept of nonprofit life cycles, where they discuss key stages, diagnostic tools, and the pivotal transition from startup to sustainable growth. Gain practical insights into assessing, aligning, and overcoming challenges at each stage for a thriving nonprofit.

Topics We Cover:

  • Nonprofit lifecycles: discussing stages like startup, growth, and maturity, emphasizing the need for alignment in foundational elements
  • The Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute's self-assessment tool, a valuable resource for nonprofits to evaluate their life cycle stage and foster effective growth
  • Challenges faced by nonprofits in the startup phase and Jennifer's insights on building a strong board, governance, and financial models for sustainable growth
  • Practical advice on regular assessments, adapting to changes, and navigating potential decline, with Jennifer sharing resources like the Nonprofit Life Cycles Institute and Board Source

To Learn More and Connect with Jennifer:
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