Agents of Nonprofit

Having a Servant's Heart on a Non-Profit Board with Lindsay McGuire

December 11, 2023 Alexander Lapa Season 1 Episode 92
Agents of Nonprofit
Having a Servant's Heart on a Non-Profit Board with Lindsay McGuire
Agents of Nonprofit
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Show Notes

In this episode of Agents of Nonprofit, we have a captivating conversation with Lindsay McGuire, a seasoned board member with a passion for diverse causes. We unravel the world of board membership, its profound impact on personal growth, and it's significance in the nonprofit sector. Lindsay shares her journey from a local food bank intern to contributing to boards like Make-A-Wish and Junior League of Indianapolis. 
This episode provides valuable insights into the multifaceted world of nonprofit board membership, offering a compelling narrative that encourages personal growth, community building, and impactful service.

Topics We Cover:

  • Lindsay's personal journey rooted in her mother's influence, sparking her love for service and community
  • The motivations behind becoming a board member, emphasizing the opportunity to align with passion areas and contribute to causes beyond one's daily careers
  • The self-development aspect of board service
  • Sense of community and connection that board service fosters, uniting like-minded individuals to work toward shared goals
  • Setting clear expectations for board members, advising potential candidates to seek clarity on time commitments, financial contributions, and specific roles within the organization
  • Representation of the audience being served, diversity of age on the board, and overall board diversity
  • The need for boards to modernize their approach, making meetings more accessible and efficient

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