Agents of Nonprofit

Crafting Authentic Narratives with Chris Miano

November 20, 2023 Alexander Lapa Season 1 Episode 89
Agents of Nonprofit
Crafting Authentic Narratives with Chris Miano
Agents of Nonprofit
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Show Notes

In this episode, we sit down with Chris Miano, the brains behind MemoryFox, in an engaging episode exploring the art of authentic storytelling for nonprofits. From the challenges in content collection to ethical considerations and the future integration of AI, this conversation is a goldmine for anyone in the nonprofit industry aiming to elevate their narrative game.

Topics We Cover:

  • Chris Miano's journey from an Italian storytelling household to military service, highlighting the transformative power of narratives across diverse backgrounds
  • How MemoryFox evolved from capturing life stories of the elderly to becoming a tool for nonprofits, focusing on collecting impactful stories for fundraising
  • The concept of ethical storytelling, understanding the importance of respecting storytellers' preferences and maintaining authenticity
  • The impact of user-generated content
  • Envisioning the integration of AI in streamlining content planning, tagging, and even automated video creation, empowering nonprofits to compete on a larger scale

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