Agents of Nonprofit

Navigating Nonprofit CRM with James Goalder

November 13, 2023 Alexander Lapa Season 1 Episode 88
Agents of Nonprofit
Navigating Nonprofit CRM with James Goalder
Agents of Nonprofit
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Show Notes

In this episode of *Agents of Nonprofit*, your host Alexander Lapa sits down with James Goalder from Bloomerang. As they embark on a conversation about nonprofit CRM systems, they uncover the unique qualities of Bloomerang, a valuable alternative to Salesforce. James shares his captivating journey from photographer to nonprofit work, leading to his role at Bloomerang. Explore the wealth of resources and information Bloomerang offers to the nonprofit community, and learn how it's changing the game in the sector. Whether you're new to CRM or a seasoned pro, this episode provides valuable insights and a fresh perspective on nonprofit software.

Topics We Cover:

  • Why Bloomerang is a compelling alternative to Salesforce CRM for nonprofits with unique needs
  • James's transition from a photographer to his role in the nonprofit sector and how he arrived at Bloomerang
  • Bloomerang's emphasis on user experience, ease of use, and incorporating fundraising best practices into the system
  • How features like thank-you phone calls to first-time donors contribute to a positive donor experience  
  • Bloomerang's flexible evaluation process tailored to individual organizational needs and evaluation styles.
  • The wealth of guides, reports, and research on nonprofit best practices provided by Bloomerang and their commitment to sharing knowledge with the nonprofit community
  • Expanding integrations and partnerships to better serve nonprofits

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