Agents of Nonprofit

The Evolving World of Volunteering with Cyndi Meuchel

October 30, 2023 Alexander Lapa Season 1 Episode 86
Agents of Nonprofit
The Evolving World of Volunteering with Cyndi Meuchel
Agents of Nonprofit
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Show Notes

In this episode of "Agents of Nonprofit," with guest Cyndi Meuchel, we explore the changing landscape of volunteering. We discuss Cyndi's journey from childhood volunteerism to co-creating software for nonprofits, the decline in volunteerism, the impact of technology, and the concept of micro-volunteering. The conversation highlights the importance of adapting to new generations' preferences while emphasizing the inherent benefits of giving back to society.

Topics We Cover:

  • Cyndi's lifelong commitment to volunteering
  • Co-creating Money Minder, a software solution for nonprofits
  • The concerning trend of declining volunteerism in the United States, including the factors contributing to this shift
  • How technology has reshaped volunteerism, both by bringing people together and creating potential barriers, especially for younger generations
  • Micro-volunteering: where individuals contribute in smaller, specific ways, aligning with modern lifestyles and preferences
  • Helping younger generations appreciate the value of volunteerism and its impact on society and personal fulfillment
  • The need to adapt to changing expectations and the role of technology in nonprofit organizations, while maintaining a balance between traditional and innovative approaches to volunteering

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