Agents of Nonprofit

Technology, Transition and Strategies with Paul Morris

March 25, 2024 Alexander Lapa Season 1 Episode 106
Agents of Nonprofit
Technology, Transition and Strategies with Paul Morris
Agents of Nonprofit
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Show Notes

Today we get into the dynamic world of nonprofit technology with special guest Paul Morris. In this episode, we explore the pivotal role of technology in empowering nonprofits to scale, innovate, and better serve their communities. From navigating the abundance of choices to embracing a growth mindset, discover how nonprofits can leverage technology as a strategic investment for long-term success.

Topics We Cover:

  • Paul's transition from security to freelance consultancy driven by confidence in professional abilities
  • The hesitance of nonprofits towards technology investment and the importance of adopting a growth mindset to view technology as a strategic asset
  • Experienced partners in guiding nonprofits through technological transitions, providing support beyond software implementation
  • Strategies for overcoming the abundance of choices in nonprofit technology
  • Making informed decisions aligned with the organization's vision and future needs
  • CRM systems, mass communication tools, social media management platforms, and project/program management tools for enhancing efficiency and results
  • Articulating an organization's impact and effectively sharing it with stakeholders

To Learn More and Connect with Paul:
Auxilia Website
Paul Morris on LinkedIn

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